Why did I start a blog?

Hello ~

*clears throat*

Since I quite recently started this blog, I thought it was only right to tell you’ll a few of the reasons as to why and how ‘etherealinme.wordpress.com’ came to being.

I wish I could say it was because I was bored, but no. It was because I was too busy.
Do you know that feeling that you get as if your chest is getting tighter every second or as if something is killing you from the inside because of various reasons like the to-do’s,  all of the deadlines and the pile of books sitting next to you? Yes. That seems to be happening to me A LOT. Every second of the day I feel uneasy. Is it because I’m a law student? Maybe. Do I hate studying law? No. Not at all. I enjoy it as much as I dread it. It’s something I can’t explain. (Something only another law student will understand. )
Sorry . I got a bit ahead of myself there ~.
When I have a lot to do, I get stressed and when I get stressed, I do nothing. So…Yeah. Blogging to me is like talking to a friend or pouring my heart and mind out to people that (I think) want to know, to people that are interested and strangely enough, It calms me down. It helps me in being a bit more productive. As a blogger, It makes me happy to think about all the different types of people that read my posts from different countries across the globe and those who will in the future.I become a part of their lives, even if it’s just for a second or two. I become a part of their day and thinking about this makes my day.

When I don’t have ‘distractions’, I begin to think. And when I think, It isn’t always something that is classified under ‘happy’ and then I get sad and depressed (I’m sure most can relate)
Putting aside the gloomy stuff, I’d like to tell y’ll about another such ‘distraction’ of mine and that’s writing a book with my friend. We are moving a bit slow but it’s happening and it’s going to be amazing. It has a bit of romance, self-discovery, travel, tragedy and that kind of stuff ~

I’m planning on posting every Monday (except during exam weeks and such) . I hope all of you find something y’ll like from the content I plan to write. You all are very much free to give me suggestions and requests and I’ll do my best and try to make them happen.

Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Why did I start a blog?

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  1. I totally understand your reason of starting a blog. Well for mine I was really just bored and wanted to do something different and to just vent out and it’s been quite fun and interesting ever since I started a year ago. Anyways, I’m looking forward to reading your posts. 😊 Happy blogging!


    1. Thank you so much and you have a lovely blog . A year? That’s amazing. Now I know who to approach if I have any questions :3 .


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