MY TOP 3 FAVORITE BOOKTUBERS( and an extra youtuber).


Hello everybody ~I hope all of you are having an amazing week.

I’m going to run y’ll through some of my favorite youtubers and I wish I could do this post on some my favorite bloggers as well but I haven’t really checked out a lot of blogs to make such a post. ( So maybe some time in the future , I will )

Today I’m going to talk about my 3 favorite booktubers for all of my lovely  bookworms (I have also included the links to their youtube channels for those who are interested ^-^ )

1. HailsheartsNYC


I love her channel because I feel like our tastes in books are quite similar and I know that I’ll like what she recommends. She gives you a gist of a book without giving out any spoilers, she is trustworthy and I just love her reviews and everything about her.

2. A case of books .


This booktuber is quite special and unique. She has a really calming and soothing voice. She hardly ever shows her face, Just her hands and the books for that particular video. Her videos are quite short but she manages to tell the needful and she also shows  a lot of the books before the release date.  Anyone would enjoy her channel, tbh.


3. Sophieseries  


She is so lively and always so happy and cheerful . It just makes your day. She  gives out the chill vibes and she talks so passionately about books , it just MAKES YOU WANT TO LISTEN TO HER FOREVER AND  TO READ THE BOOKS.

(And she is so adorable TT-TT)


Extra :




I watch Lilia’s videos because she posts a fair amount of law related videos. Her content also includes fashion etc. but I mostly watch her law related videos and I find them so motivating and inspiring since I too am a law student.

Check out her channel if any of y’ll are studying law or are planning to ~  Show her your love ❤

And that completes my list of favorites (excluding my all-time favorite youtuber and the makeup youtubers) and I’m so sorry I was a bit late in posting this post. I have been so busy and I’m having a hard time getting anything done. I’m sorry.

Love you all.


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