My little collection of poems.

Hello everyone ~

First things first, I’m not a poet and to be honest, I don’t think I’m very good at writing poems. However, these are some of the poems that I had written for people that i cherish in my life and i wanted to share it with all of you ^^
You listened to all the nagging
when shadows were all that was there.
In return, I gave you nothing.

You held out your hand and helped me when everything was grey
and when I was helpless and cried for help
but not even the closest could hear.
In return, I gave you nothing.

You gave me all the advice I needed.
You reminded me of my worsts and weaknesses.
You were more than a friend. A jewel.
In return, I gave you nothing.

A precious jewel I wouldn’t want to lose.
You have made me laugh and cry,
shared secrets.
you taught me much more than the brightest would.
In return, I gave you nothing.

You showed me love,
love that I had never experienced, Brotherly love.
and such care you had
even with all the busy days and nights.
In return, I gave you nothing.

For all that you have done, Thank you
and for how you stayed a friend
even when I gave you nothing.

I’m on my own now,
and I have learnt that I have a lot to give you
other than ‘nothing’.
-Rashmita Monserrate



Maybe if I was there,
you could see my love and care for you
and that I treasure you for who you are.

Maybe if I was there,
Perhaps the brown that danced in my eyes
would be enough,
for the gentle whisper of secrets,
that I would treasure.
Maybe if I was there,
I could remind you,
how many times you have made me happy
and how dear you are to me
and then maybe i would hug you
and you would hug me back.

Maybe if I was there….
and If I was there,
I wonder if my words would ring in your ears
and make a difference?

Perhaps if I was there,
I would make a difference.

Maybe if I was there,
I could prove such a friendship. You and Me.
I would prove that no one can replace you
and perhaps you would listen to me.
Perhaps. Perhaps. Perhaps.

But here I am,
Miles away, unable to prove a thing.
Unable to show you the brown that dances in my eyes,
Unable to show my love,
Unable to hug you ,
Unable to make you smile.
It’s bad luck , i suppose.
But… Perhaps , in time i can show it all.
– Rashmita Monserrate


[Each paragraph describes different friends of mine.]

Her eyes focused on the fretboard
she struck the strings
Her golden waves dancing around
as the sun blushed red.

3 A.M , He stared blankly at the paperwork
as he turned around to see her sleeping,
a gentle smile appeared on his face.

His eyes closed
He swiftly moved his hands
and hit the black and white
with absolute perfection.

She pulled his cheeks
and smiled brightly
as her eyes sparkled
in the daylight.

She sat quietly under the light
staring at her lock screen
and pushed the hair that fell in front of her eyes.

Surrounded by a crowd of girls
he quickly walked past them
and sat solemnly under the tree
running his fingers through his hair.

Laughing happily , he walked with the crowd
standing out in his own way
beneath the afternoon sun.

As the noise filled the room
she fixed her eyes on the paper,
that lay in front of her
and drew every stroke
with a soft sense of satisfaction.

He smiled brightly,
gentle towards everyone
He turned her frown into a smile.

He quietly lurked
came a lie after lie
and before he knew it,
he had forgotten his life.

Sitting in the ironic store
she stared out the window,
and thought about the wide world that
she has yet to venture.

He tapped the keys on the keyboard
and worked and worked
He cared and loved.
He decided to stay away.


-Rashmita Monserrate


I’m glad i met you
and i wouldn’t want to ever lose you,
not even for the brightest star in the sky,
for you are the sun,
There is nothing brighter than you.

I wouldn’t want to lose you
for the riches,
for you are the most precious stone anyone could have.

I wouldn’t want to lose you
for the bluest oceans or the prettiest scenes,
for there is nothing prettier than you.

I wouldn’t want to lose you
Even if the light were to be ripped away
from this seedless life.

I wouldn’t want to lose you
for fame or light,
for your love is all that matters.

I wouldn’t want to lose you
for the strong,
for you have the strongest will among all.

You and I. We click.
This is the best kind of love,
such pure love.
I wouldn’t want to lose you.
I don’t want to lose you.
I want to walk with you, side by side
and when I do, I’ll be boastful
and most would be envious of such a sight
and then I wouldn’t have to lose you and
Nothing would be able to tear us apart.
-Rashmita Monserrate


Thank you ^-^

Love you ~


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