A letter to you.




Etherealinme is a blog that I created mostly for myself. A place I could post anything that I wanted. This post is for me and for you; If you are having a bad day or you have been depressed for a while.

I’m sad today. I’m human and I have emotions and today…I’m just sad. This makes me think about exactly how many people are out there who are sad…at this very moment. I look back at my life and so much as happened and it breaks my heart to think as to how many times I’ve wasted the time given to me because of the same people and the same stupid reason. Eighteen years of my life has gone by, I have achieved so much and I have been through so much and I have so much yet to achieve. I need to show the world how beautiful I am, I need to find the guy that sparks a fire in my soul and makes my heart beat faster, I need to finish my degree and become an incredible lawyer,  I have so many amazing books yet to read, people to meet and places to visit.

I know I’m amazing. I’m just angry at myself that I let myself think I’m not for a second and ruin everything.

It’ll be rough and it’s not all going to be great but the great moments will be worth struggling for.

For all you those incredible people out there who have been struggling with depression or are just having a really hard time in their lives:

  • Don’t kill yourself.

This won’t be forever and it breaks my heart to know how many people commit suicide a day. Apparently, it’s 3,000 people killing themselves each day. No human, No suffering or any kind of difficulty should make you want to kill yourself. This isn’t forever. It’ll pass.

  • Think about the good

We are all suffering and yes, maybe you’re suffering more but you can do it. You aren’t a quitter and you should never even think about it. Punch life back in its face and just keep fighting. Think about all the good memories – These memories that are rushing through your brain right now is the reason you should live, those memories were when you weren’t sad and it’ll come again soon.

Fuck the people that cause you a hard time. Fuck the people who don’t get you. Fuck life for making it so hard sometimes that you just want to cry for days. Fuck everything that deprives you of the happiness you deserve.

But live.

Live for the people that love you and care about you. For the memories that are yet to be made and for the other 101 million reasons why it’s not worth ending your life for.

You matter.


Rashmita ( Kohana )



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