Catharsis (on depression)


I am not diagnosed with depression, however, according to various sources, the depression symptoms include; not going out often, withdrawing from friends and family, constantly being unhappy or irritated, constantly thinking negative thoughts, then I do have a slight idea about what depression feels like because even if someone is not diagnosed with depression by a certified doctor doesn’t mean the person isn’t suffering from it.

Sometimes…it’s so severe. My lungs seem to be static and not taking in or releasing any air out. When my eyes just didn’t want to open in the mornings and start another day. There have been so many days and weeks to a stretch where I constantly put myself down till all that was in me was self-hate.

Being an Indian I can confidently say that the Indian society gives no importance to mental illness. Indians are backward and narrow-minded when it comes to such a topic. Children, young adults etc. who are in desperate need of help, don’t get it because of their parents, relatives being in denial. They brush it off by making statements such as, ‘It’s just a phase’; ‘It’ll fade’ , ‘It’s not really a sickness’ and to those parents/ guardians I say, It isn’t just a phase, it eats you up day after day after day, from the moment you open your eyes every single morning and even if it’s ‘just’ a phase, no one deserves to live in depression without getting any help.

Depression is a mental illness and a very serious one. In today’s society, there are so many people who are suffering from depression and yet keep quiet about it because they are afraid as to how the society will react.

Untreated depression leads to a very serious and horrible result: Suicide. Depression sucks the life, energy and the personality out of the person’s body and causes such pain to the person that it completely destroys him.
One person every 40 seconds in the world commits suicide and one of the factors for this is depression. This is what untreated depression can do. It takes you to the point where you kill yourself. You forget all the good things and you are totally consumed by it.

Depression isn’t just about the horrible end result being suicide but it’s about every single day. That particular individual has to live every day with such strength that he/she fails to see the beauty in his/her life. That person…has to continue the day by convincing himself or herself to hold on…hold on for one minute and then maybe…just maybe it will get better.

Now, taking up a scenario-

If ‘A’ is a depressed person and he stopped eating, making friends, pushed all his friends away, threw tantrums, resorted to drinking and while slowly he was being consumed by depression; his parents failed to see it or ignored it just like everybody else and then eventually…one day he hangs himself.

The question for y’ll is, Do you think there was the slightest possibility that if anybody told him that he needs help and that he is a sick and made sure he got the help…would there be a slight chance for the ending of the story to change?

What I have noticed is that when a person does commit suicide the society reacts in a funny manner. They show pity to the person who died and then ask questions like ‘Why would he do?’ or ‘How could he do this to his family?’ when the questions we should be asking are something like ‘Did his close friends and family not notice the symptoms?’ or ‘Was he given the help that he very clearly needed?’

The victim is not the one to be blamed. We are. We failed to notice; we failed to provide help.

We failed and we keep failing. We don’t seem to learn.

The point of this post is to increase awareness because the truth is; we Indians are naïve and very much narrow-minded. We live our life based on how the society wants us to or what fits best in the minds of the people and not based on what’s best for us and that is exactly what needs to change.

An Indian is not immune to depression. We are just as likely to suffer from it just like any other person in the world. India is the 12th country in the world that has the highest rate of suicide, we need to do something and that something needs to be done fast.

Don’t be ashamed. Don’t be worried or concerned as to what your parents are going to think or how the society will look at you. It is your right to get the help you need.
Helpline (24×7) AASRA : 91-22-27546669


Razors pain you,
Rivers are damp,
Acids stain you,
And drugs cause cramp.
Guns aren’t lawful,
Nooses give,
Gas smells awful.
You might as well live.”
― Dorothy ParkerEnough Rope


Thank you for reading.




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