My dark brown eyes


I met a beautiful boy once,
in my dreams.
He had the blackest hair
and the bluest eyes
as if there was an entire ocean hidden inside them.

He gave me the most lifeless look.
He asked in a whisper,
“Who are you? Your name is Rashmita, but who are you?”
And all I could think of was
‘A product of society’

I’m altered according to the customs and traditions
that the elders think are right.
I’m just like the gal next door.

Those warm eyes started to fade.
They got lighter and lighter every time my eyes blinked.
He parted his lips and this time louder,
he said “You are a hope for change.
You are Change.
You are Rashmita and that should be good enough.
Your dark brown eyes remind me of the fertile soil.
Soil that allows seeds to grow.
Soil that eventually gives many a home.”

That was it-

The blue eyes, the dark hair- The boy disappeared.
My eyelids opened
and my dark brown eyes were fixed on the ceiling.



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