The warmth, softness, sweetness. Everything nice.

We all want it. Happiness

We waste every second of our lives looking for it. Chasing it. Trying to get a hold of it in the palm of our hands. To taste it, feel it.

But…Maybe…Maybe we are doing it wrong.
Why don’t we stop searching for an abstract body?
Why can’t we look for happiness in everything we do and see?
In things, in moments, in memories, in people.

Why don’t we see the good and be happy?
Fuck the negative thoughts, the negative people.

You don’t need them. They don’t have the thing we want- happiness.

We need to start doing more of what makes us happy and if we learn the art to focus on the good, we’ll truly be happy.

Happiness doesn’t mean ‘no more gloomy days’ or ‘no more tears’. It means despite all that, you’ll pull through and then tomorrow you’ll be happy again.

What does happiness mean to you?

“Going out and having fun with my friends and family or eating a good meal and other times it’s like quiet nights with a good book or a movie.”


 2017-08-13 10.49.18 1.jpg


“When I’m able to help someone and be useful to them when they are in need.”

 “I always think of two happiness: the short term and the long term happiness. There’s this short term or temporary happiness which I find in little things like watching my favorite movie, listening to my favorite songs or eating my favorite food etc. And the long term happiness, which I think being contented with what I have and living out my passion.”
– Joana

“For me happiness is like a myth where most people try to seek. I’d say it doesn’t exist. People are using happiness as an excuse or a purpose to keep living. Family, Friends and love it’s all temporary. No matter how hard people try to chase after happiness, it’s just an illusion that’s been created by us, humans. I believe nothing lasts forever in this world, not even happiness.”           -Souji

“It means to wake up and being care free on your own. No help from drugs or anything. And it doesn’t mean it has to be alone. As long as when you wake up and there is nothing to worry and you know you can conquer the day. That is what I think happiness is. For me it is waking up, and seeing all these amazing people around me willing to help me if the day goes wrong they would help me no matter what. Just like how I have Nurul (and Kohana), my family, my friends, all of them are willing to help me with so much. Just knowing that when I wake up, makes me happy I didn’t use that knife that one sad night. Makes me happy to be alive. Not everyone has the same source of happiness. But what is life if not for a little mystery. You will know it once the time comes, and it will come for each one of us. Just gotta be patient. 🙂 Stay determined, life is full of wonders.”



Photographed by Tyler (and he is secretly a rock)

Thank you so much to all the people who contributed and shared a bit of themselves on my blog.

I love you all.




 Joana’s blog – https://mygiganticthoughtbubble.wordpress.com/
Check her blog out. She is amazing and she was so a beautiful person.



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