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Look closely, Look at her
at every curve, every bump,
every single strand of her hair.

Doesn’t she look stunning?

The way her back forms an arch,
like a bow.
Her thin legs, her long fingers,
and her golden-silky hair.

Isn’t she stunning?
Is it her golden-silky hair?
Is it her long fingers?
Is it her thin legs?

Look closely, look at her
her gentle smile,
her kind eyes.

Doesn’t she look stunning?

She is standing with her hands wide open,
her heart exposed.
So pure. So good.

She cared and she loved
and she understood.
but, she wasn’t loved.

Because all that you cared about
was her glowing skin
and her golden-silky hair

All that you cared about
were things that didn’t define her.
All that you cared about
was the beauty she had today.

What about tomorrow?
When her skin dries,
When her fingers shake,
When her hair is no longer golden,
When her skin no longer glows.

Would she still be stunning then?























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