The chasm in time


Dark brown hair with matching colored eyes, they looked rather dead to me. Every part of me and every cell inside of me seemed dead to me.

I didn’t know what day it was or what year it was. All I could comprehend was that little girl standing opposite me. That girl had messy hair-so thick and curly, thin to the bones and unruly teeth. She looked horrible. How old was she ? 10? 11?

She smiled so brightly. Her imperfections they didn’t stop her. Was it because she was oblivious? Or was it because she didn’t really know what ‘ugly’ meant? And at that second, how I wish I could have been her.

Her fearlessness, how carefree she was and I remember thinking ‘so beautiful’.

She stared at me and smiled, as if it all made sense and I stared back asking myself so many questions, doubting everything and scared.

I don’t know how long that silent exchange went for but I knew it was for a long time once I felt the ache in my knees and when my body was screaming and my head pounding.

“What happened ?”

What exactly happened in the past years that she turned into me?”



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