The world in me


I’m just like every other person on the outside.

A human.
The nose, skin, hair, hands, legs, toes…but inside – Inside me is a whole new world. A cosmic- it holds the most beautiful things within it.

What do you see when you look at me?

The world in me?


The superficial body I carry around?

If it’s the former, then come.

I’ll show you great things. I’ll let you go in me, deep inside to places I never took anyone and show you things you have never seen.

You’ll feel great sorrow as you listen to the thoughts that are buried deep in my head.

You’ll feel great joy by the way my body lights up to the touch of your fingers and how my hair rises in excitement.

I’m not a girl. I’m not just a girl. I’m a world.

I hold things inside of me that you would never have thought about.

I’m beautiful.

You must feel honoured that I let your raw, dirty hands touch my most treasured places.

That’s when you know, I care about you; don’t you dare let go of me after I have shown you all of it.





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