I am.

I am the sunlight that falls on your face
At dawn.
I am the breeze that hits you all over.
I am the crisp smell of leaves.
I am the sand, the mud, the dust
You walk on.
I am the rain that cleanses your soul.

I am something that’s whole.
A world that’s revolving around
It’s own axis.
You – are a mere spectator,
Don’t look at me in the eye
And tell me you’re the sun
And that my existence
Revolves around you.

Keep those lies under your tongue
For if you degrade my name again,
I’ll release the dragons
And the wolves will hunt for your flesh.

For if you think I ever belonged to you,
I’ll bring the sky crashing down
To your feet.
And I’ll tune your voice according to my beat

For if you think you have control over my strings,
I’ll bring the day to an end
And all you’ll ever see
With those eyes
Is nothing.

…then….then you can tell me
who is a mere particle and
who is the universe and the sun.



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