Turning monsters warm




We live in a world where it’s easier to come across monsters- That we all have a monster hidden within; that can be released by the happenings of a certain set of events designed and staged so intrinsically by life or fate or whatever force that exists out there solely to destroy us. Life is such that it will punch you- left and then right and knock you to the ground, wait for you to get back up and just when you dare to hope, it can kick you back down.

And yet I believe we are all good. Love comes more naturally to us, that love doesn’t need certain circumstances, that love is so much harder to get completely rid of – Like a glass piece; It’s easily broken but it’s never too easy to get rid of every single fragment of it and that love will always exist even the coldest-hearted people out there.

Monsters are not always ugly and scary looking; sometimes they are most handsome and prettiest looking creatures. Those monsters that disguise themselves in love – are the most terrifying. They will hold you so gently with those hands and when you have completely laid down your guard those very hands will grow claws and the touch of the skin against your throat will be the most horrifying sensation, knowing that every time before that he gently touched your neck, he thought about this very moment.

But you- are the warrior and the lady with the sword. That you will not let such a monster play its game.


We live in a world where it’s easier to come across monsters.

Don’t shy away from love. Control it. Tame the demons and turn the monsters into men. Give them love- so much love that when you kiss them, you can taste the sugar you are made out of.

After all,

Love comes more naturally to all of us.



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