I wake up and think of you; before I sleep I think of you.

It’s like we are playing hide and seek.

When the sky is clear and blue and the sun is so bright it gives everything a tint of yellow; I look for you in the blooming, glowing flowers. I look for you in the new shoots of plants that have appeared from the rocky earth.

When the sky is covered in dark clouds and the winds hit against the wood and slam doors; I listen for your scream in the howling of the wind. I try to hear you call out my name in the rustling of the leaves.

When the sky is torn up and crying and the flash of lights exposes the skies patterns; I try to find you in the raindrops that fall on my window. I try to find you in the scared animals that run around for shelter.

But you are so good at hiding. I can’t find you. I can’t seem to point at just one thing and know that it’s you.

But maybe…Love, you aren’t hiding at all.That you are everything exposed in all its glory.

You are the clear sky, the bright sun, the colourful butterflies, the old flowers, the new flowers, the new plants.

You are the dark clouds, you are the wind showing off your powers, you are every leaf dancing with the wind.

You are the torn sky, you are every single raindrop, you are all the animals running.

You don’t have to hide, you aren’t meant to be hidden.

You are everything and you are still so beautiful.



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