Let me remind you


Before you wake up and tell yourself it will be a good day;
let me remind you it won’t be.
Stop feeding yourself all these lies
and pretending to be oblivious of what happens in the four corners of your eyes.

Let me remind you,
There is a little girl who has just braided her hair and is walking to school
but she never makes it there,
as she is pulled off the sidewalk
and the very clothes that were going to take her to the moon
have now been stripped apart from her chest…and her braids undone
and the sun witnessed yet another tragedy that day.

Let me remind you,
a man has entered a coffee shop
with a bomb strapped around his chest
and as he blows himself up into pieces and everybody else in there
the only evidence there was a coffee shop standing there
was the smell of coffee beans with smoke.

Let me remind you,
there is a small boy; too small in front of the city buildings
and as he runs to a nearby stream to release paper boats
he is pulled away by the hooded monster,
away from the buildings, away from the town,
away from the lake and never seen again.

Let me remind you,
there is a woman pushed to the corner of the room
and bruised all over her body by the very man that’s supposed to protect her
till death does them apart

Let me remind you,
there is a girl in some village that turned 14 today
and is being married off to a 32 year old man
because she is taught all that matters in life is marriage and procreation.

Let me remind you,
a baby girl has been drowned today for being… a girl.
That having rosy cheeks and a vagina is a sin.
Not worthy of letting her breathe or even letting her see
and experience the sun or the moon or the spring.

Let me remind you,
There is a boy coming back from church
and is stabbed 10 times in the back for being black;
don’t they get it?
that under this layer of skin
we are all flesh, blood, bones, and veins

he might not have had white skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes
and yes,
even though your blue eyes hide the entire ocean in them;
his eyes hide mountains and fertile land,
his brown eyes are the synonym for hope.

Let me remind you,
There is a man begging for bread and hasn’t eaten in days
and as hundreds of people pass by him;
he questions humanity and I question humanity
and you too should question humanity

because somewhere down the line of the period of unnecessary evolution
We have forgotten about humanity
that from being humane, we are now just humans.

We have forgotten the metaphorical meaning of our body,
That our eyes to show kindness, our heart to be that of gold
and that these hands…
These hands are for giving but today
they are just hands with fingers that want to grab everything.

Let me remind you,
there are wars taking place
with so many lives being sacrificed
and for what?

The very same race, caste, religion, traditions
which is supposed to make us hold hands
is the very reason people are cutting off each other’s wrists.

Why don’t we all just raise a white flag?
Is there so much stubbornness in the pit of our stomach
but we won’t stop the bleeding till there is no more blood left to bleed out?

Let me remind you,
The sky is still filled with smoke and dust
aren’t you tired of this air?
The air that tastes and smells like toxic chemicals and flesh?

Don’t tell yourself it will be a good day.
Tell yourself you will be a good human today.




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