Booklings crate- ‘Once upon a dream’ review



So I finally got sucked into the world of book box subscriptions and I finally received my first box from ‘The Booklings Crate’.

I purchased the May box for which the theme was ‘Once upon a dream’ and I received it on 6th June. There was a delay but nothing too significant, I really didn’t mind it and the package did arrive undamaged and it was packed really neatly and nicely with bubble wrap etc.

The price of this box is quite affordable compared to some other subscriptions I have heard of.

For the premium box I paid: Rs 1,595 /-

They do have different types based on your budget so you can check it out here:

Inside the box you get the theme card for the month that states all the things the box contains; I chose the books ‘ The astonishing colour of after’ by Emily X. R. Pan


and ‘Legendary’ by Stephanie Garber


They were in perfect condition and weren’t defected in any way; They did put it in a plastic cover which does helps maintain the book in a good condition while it’s in transit but I don’t think it makes much of a difference and I wouldn’t really mind if it was omitted in an attempt to reduce the use of plastic.

The goodies in this box included;



I loved the ‘thecraftpanda’ wooden bookmark. I think it’s my favourite thing out of everything else in the box.

If any of y’ll are interested to check them out, their instagram handle is @THECRAFTPANDA

Then there is the feather bookmark which is really pretty and I think it fits the theme and the book.

The last one is the paper bookmark with a William Shakespeare quote on it; the quality of the paper is really good. I just don’t think the box needed 3 bookmarks to be honest; I would have liked it if they would have added something else instead.

  • Flamingo Paper clips:

They are absolutely adorable. I’m not sure how a flamingo is connected to the theme, either way, they are cute and you get two.

  • Colouring cards and colour pencils:

I liked the fact that they gave two cards: one easy enough for kids and one tending more towards adults and some colour pencils to go along with it.

  • Pride and prejudice pin:


This is one of the other things I was super excited about from the box. It looks really pretty. The quote isn’t one of my favourites but it’s really nice either way and I liked it a lot.

  • Beauty and the beast chain:


This chain is alright. I didn’t really expect excellent quality and I don’t think it’s fair either considering the price, but the pendant is a little too big and I wouldn’t really wear it out because it looks cheap, but I like the details of it, like a rose petal fallen inside the jar.

  • Cross and Nuts game:


This is my least favourite item from the box. I just don’t get it. I don’t get how it’s connected to the theme and it’s nothing special and it doesn’t really fit with the theme. I would prefer maybe a candle or a ring or even a keychain or something.

Overall, I think it’s a great box for people who want bookish merch but can’t spend a lot. I haven’t yet tried out the other more expensive subscriptions so I can’t really compare them, but it think this is a great deal.

P.S: This is 100% my opinion and I didn’t like a few things because of personal preference.

I’m excited to try out some of their other boxes too.


Lots of love,



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