Want to study law? Read.


Everyone interested in studying law

Hi everyone. I am currently studying law (B.A.LLB) 3rd year and I thought I would share my experiences and what law is like for others out there who want to study law. I’m not studying law, I’m studying B.A and Law- so it’s a dual course; maybe if you wanted to pursue law after graduation it won’t be so hectic as my course is, but it’ll still be stressful and this is based on my personal experience – so read this with a grain of salt.

  1. Time management.

When you start studying law, it all seems great in 1st year but things really speed up in 2nd year. In college, you will have a million deadlines, sometimes more than one on one day; so you really should know how to manage your time and try and prioritize what is more important and which will take longer etc.

  1. Working hard

It is possible to complete the 5 years or 3 years without much effort; just do to the bare necessities and get your minimum number of marks to pass. However, if you are serious about your career, you need to push yourself, I took things rather easily in 1st and 2nd year and I just learnt that it is not enough. You need to jump at all the opportunities you get to do things, competitions, talks, guest lectures etc.

  1. Keeping up

This is something I really struggle with. In law, you need to read and know a lot. Keeping up with politics and world politics and various laws etc. is really important. It is not possible for the classes to cover everything, and when it comes it comes to competitions and stuff; it is your general knowledge about things that really help you. So, it is really important to cultivate the habit of reading and researching.

  1. Work over Socials

It’s not like you will have no life. It’s just hard and I really struggle with it. It’s a task trying to get all the work done and then some more and also have a social life and also rest well. There are various papers you need to write, tests, other activities such as child rights clinic, legal aid, competitions, moot courts, ADR, presentations, internships etc.
I do go out, but I’m at the point where I rather sleep because I’m so tired.



This is just a side note.

You really need to be open-minded in law and accept certain things; because there are a lot of laws that are just unfair and it is also important to not let your feelings astray you when you’re studying something emotional. These things though you generally learn and adapt to as you study.


I hope this helped.

If any of y’ll have any questions, I would love to try and answer and I’m sorry for being gone for so long. I have been soooo busy, but I’m hoping to write some book reviews for y’ll soon ❤

I have made an Instagram (bookstagram and poetry) so do follow me there: https://www.instagram.com/ethereal_in_me_/

Lots of love,



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