I am an Indian

They looked at me as if I was an antique piece sitting on a crooked shelf. They have equated my skin to dirt - over and over again. I remember when I used to hide pieces of my skin to reduce my ‘brown’ and slap on fairness creams to turn more ‘white’. They looked at... Continue Reading →


Book Review: The Astonishing colour of after by Emily X.R. Pan

  SYNOPSIS: The story revolves around an American-Taiwanese girl named Leigh, whose Taiwanese mother commits suicide leaving behind is a note saying, “I want you to remember”. The story primarily deals with how Leigh deals with her mother’s death and how she tries to bridge the gap of her Taiwanese culture that she wasn't brought... Continue Reading →

Want to study law? Read.

To, Everyone interested in studying law Hi everyone. I am currently studying law (B.A.LLB) 3rd year and I thought I would share my experiences and what law is like for others out there who want to study law. I’m not studying law, I’m studying B.A and Law- so it’s a dual course; maybe if you... Continue Reading →


When I was eleven, the storm broke my house – my home. It ripped apart the ceiling; one roof tile at a time. I could feel it. I could feel something bad coming to crack the walls open as the sun rays that lit up my house through the skylight hid behind the dark clouds.... Continue Reading →

Let me remind you

Before you wake up and tell yourself it will be a good day; let me remind you it won’t be. Stop feeding yourself all these lies and pretending to be oblivious of what happens in the four corners of your eyes. Let me remind you, There is a little girl who has just braided her... Continue Reading →


I wake up and think of you; before I sleep I think of you. It’s like we are playing hide and seek. When the sky is clear and blue and the sun is so bright it gives everything a tint of yellow; I look for you in the blooming, glowing flowers. I look for you in... Continue Reading →

Turning monsters warm

    We live in a world where it’s easier to come across monsters- That we all have a monster hidden within; that can be released by the happenings of a certain set of events designed and staged so intrinsically by life or fate or whatever force that exists out there solely to destroy us.... Continue Reading →

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