I write this in a time where your women ancestors have been stripped down to breasts, purity and fertility. I write this in a time where it is an unwritten rule that women are mere pieces of dolls made up of blood and flesh that should live in the shadow of men. I... Continue Reading →


All that my anxiety is but more.

    My Anxiety is a wound I have hid for far too long. I call it a wound because it has still not healed. I still feel the sting; how it refuses to close. It does not fit any bandaid. My Anxiety is a shape shifter. One moment it is as small as an... Continue Reading →


    If I had three words to draw my sister those words would probably be – ‘Alien, Octopus and a goddamn 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.’ Okay…I guess that’s more than 3 words but my sister was never the type to stay within the lines or follow tyrannical rules or obey orders that foolish men... Continue Reading →

I am an Indian

They looked at me as if I was an antique piece sitting on a crooked shelf. They have equated my skin to dirt - over and over again. I remember when I used to hide pieces of my skin to reduce my ‘brown’ and slap on fairness creams to turn more ‘white’. They looked at... Continue Reading →

Want to study law? Read.

To, Everyone interested in studying law Hi everyone. I am currently studying law (B.A.LLB) 3rd year and I thought I would share my experiences and what law is like for others out there who want to study law. I’m not studying law, I’m studying B.A and Law- so it’s a dual course; maybe if you... Continue Reading →


When I was eleven, the storm broke my house – my home. It ripped apart the ceiling; one roof tile at a time. I could feel it. I could feel something bad coming to crack the walls open as the sun rays that lit up my house through the skylight hid behind the dark clouds.... Continue Reading →

Let me remind you

Before you wake up and tell yourself it will be a good day; let me remind you it won’t be. Stop feeding yourself all these lies and pretending to be oblivious of what happens in the four corners of your eyes. Let me remind you, There is a little girl who has just braided her... Continue Reading →

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