There are two types of writers when something devastating occurs. Those who write and write and write. That ‘devastating occurrence’ makes them want to write and write and write. They manage to create a delicate, beautiful, vulnerable piece of work from their sorrow. The second type consists of writers who break. Their minds go blank... Continue Reading →


Incongruous murder.

    Listen to me. Listen closely. Stop. Stop pretending. Stop being someone who you aren’t. Aren’t you exhausted of being ‘her’ or ‘him’ or ‘that person’ or ‘that body-less shadow’? Be you. You. Do what you want. Eat what you want. Laugh all you want. The minute you start taking into consideration about what... Continue Reading →


    What do you see? Are those honeysuckles wrapped around your body – or are those bloodstained hands? What do you see? Do you see every hair on your body – or are you tainted, altered beyond the point of recognition? Are you afraid? Afraid of that – yourself? How sharp your edges have... Continue Reading →

"Are you okay?" "No.Not really. I feel the hatred I have for myself in my bones and my entire body aches in pain. My hands shake and my eyes burn. How can I be okay?" "But.... You seem rather happy everyday" "Maybe that's because it's easier to pretend." "How do you live like that?" ".... Continue Reading →

The chasm in time

Dark brown hair with matching colored eyes, they looked rather dead to me. Every part of me and every cell inside of me seemed dead to me. I didn't know what day it was or what year it was. All I could comprehend was that little girl standing opposite me. That girl had messy hair-so... Continue Reading →


Look closely, Look at her at every curve, every bump, every single strand of her hair. Doesn’t she look stunning? The way her back forms an arch, like a bow. Her thin legs, her long fingers, and her golden-silky hair. Isn’t she stunning? Yes. Why? Is it her golden-silky hair? Is it her long fingers?... Continue Reading →


Happiness. The warmth, softness, sweetness. Everything nice. We all want it. Happiness We waste every second of our lives looking for it. Chasing it. Trying to get a hold of it in the palm of our hands. To taste it, feel it. But…Maybe…Maybe we are doing it wrong. Why don’t we stop searching for an... Continue Reading →

My dark brown eyes

I met a beautiful boy once, in my dreams. He had the blackest hair and the bluest eyes as if there was an entire ocean hidden inside them. He gave me the most lifeless look. He asked in a whisper, “Who are you? Your name is Rashmita, but who are you?” And all I could... Continue Reading →

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