I wake up and think of you; before I sleep I think of you. It’s like we are playing hide and seek. When the sky is clear and blue and the sun is so bright it gives everything a tint of yellow; I look for you in the blooming,  glowing flowers. I look... Continue Reading →


Turning monsters warm

    We live in a world where it’s easier to come across monsters- That we all have a monster hidden within; that can be released by the happenings of a certain set of events designed and staged so intrinsically by life or fate or whatever force that exists out there solely to destroy us.... Continue Reading →

I found love

You see love is so dynamic that it’s never the same.  In fact, love can be painful and extremely uncomfortable if you aren’t used to it and I’m not used to it. I believe that love and trust go hand in hand, that you can’t say you love someone unless you trust that someone and... Continue Reading →


Hello everybody! Sorry for being away for a while, been extremely busy. This post is kinda late but I really wanted to post it. In November- December of 2017 I went on a Europe tour and I wanted to share some of it with you guys. Each week I’ll be posting one country I visited-... Continue Reading →

Every Morning

I was beautiful. Every morning I woke up, with flowers blooming in my chest Every morning I woke up, with the gentle sun in my eyes Every morning I woke up, with the thoughts of the moon and the stars. Every morning I woke up ……Before I met you; I was happy. This body was... Continue Reading →

I am.

I am the sunlight that falls on your face At dawn. I am the breeze that hits you all over. I am the crisp smell of leaves. I am the sand, the mud, the dust You walk on. I am the rain that cleanses your soul. I am something that’s whole. A world that’s revolving... Continue Reading →


I love. I love hard. Maybe a little too hard. But that’s okay, isn’t it ? Because it makes me feel...alive. Makes me feel like the centre piece of a puzzle. Makes me feel like I’m in the right place, with the right person. You make me believe in magic. That my hands can make... Continue Reading →

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