A letter to him.

Where is he now? Is he happy? Is he smiling? Is he thinking about me? Does he miss me?   I miss you. I still feel like you’ll come and apologize and tell me how sorry you are. I have blamed myself for your death, you know that right? I feel guilty, I feel responsible. … More A letter to him.

Take me back

‘What are you thinking about?’ The past. ‘Why? Let it go- its toxic.’ Why would someone call the past toxic? For now…It’s my medicine. It’s what keeps me going and if I had a choice; I would go back to that past. Not to change anything but to re-live it. Wouldn’t that be lovely? Being … More Take me back

A letter to you.

    Etherealinme is a blog that I created mostly for myself. A place I could post anything that I wanted. This post is for me and for you; If you are having a bad day or you have been depressed for a while. I’m sad today. I’m human and I have emotions and today…I’m … More A letter to you.

Hello 2017

What is it like to be literally any living being on the planet other than a human? She hated feelings.She didn’t know how to deal with them,but is it really better to have feelings and not being able to really understand them ? What’s the point then ? She made mistakes. A lot of mistakes.She … More Hello 2017

Reminiscing 2016

My name is Rashmita and I consider myself to be a very negative minded person. I always focus on the negative aspects of things and make situations worse than they already are, but today I’m going to focus on the positive aspects of this year and share with y’ll all the things that I am … More Reminiscing 2016