Look closely, Look at her at every curve, every bump, every single strand of her hair. Doesn’t she look stunning? The way her back forms an arch, like a bow. Her thin legs, her long fingers, and her golden-silky hair. Isn’t she stunning? Yes. Why? Is it her golden-silky hair? Is it her long fingers? … More Look


A voice to all the rape victims out there. Y’all are true heroes of strength.  She lay motionless in the dark She wanted to cry, She wanted to scream, She wanted it to end. A month had passed But it still lingered, The horrible sensation of his rough fingers against her soft skin, It felt … More RIPPED

Take me back

‘What are you thinking about?’ The past. ‘Why? Let it go- its toxic.’ Why would someone call the past toxic? For now…It’s my medicine. It’s what keeps me going and if I had a choice; I would go back to that past. Not to change anything but to re-live it. Wouldn’t that be lovely? Being … More Take me back