I remember

    I remember, You and I. You and I- we were a single entity separated, pushed apart by the broadness of digits. And yet- our words twisted in various curves, intertwined with each other like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle we fit- our elbows perfectly filling in the gaps of the other. You were... Continue Reading →


Every Morning

I was beautiful. Every morning I woke up, with flowers blooming in my chest Every morning I woke up, with the gentle sun in my eyes Every morning I woke up, with the thoughts of the moon and the stars. Every morning I woke up ……Before I met you; I was happy. This body was... Continue Reading →

I am.

I am the sunlight that falls on your face At dawn. I am the breeze that hits you all over. I am the crisp smell of leaves. I am the sand, the mud, the dust You walk on. I am the rain that cleanses your soul. I am something that’s whole. A world that’s revolving... Continue Reading →


I love. I love hard. Maybe a little too hard. But that’s okay, isn’t it ? Because it makes me feel...alive. Makes me feel like the centre piece of a puzzle. Makes me feel like I’m in the right place, with the right person. You make me believe in magic. That my hands can make... Continue Reading →


Have you seen her? The girl who looks like me- but not quite. She smiled more often, Her laugh was mesmerising, the way she moved around looked like she was dancing. She was art that I had failed to see I lost her. One day, I said go and she left. I threw her out... Continue Reading →


    What do you see? Are those honeysuckles wrapped around your body – or are those bloodstained hands? What do you see? Do you see every hair on your body – or are you tainted, altered beyond the point of recognition? Are you afraid? Afraid of that – yourself? How sharp your edges have... Continue Reading →

"Are you okay?" "No.Not really. I feel the hatred I have for myself in my bones and my entire body aches in pain. My hands shake and my eyes burn. How can I be okay?" "But.... You seem rather happy everyday" "Maybe that's because it's easier to pretend." "How do you live like that?" ".... Continue Reading →


Look closely, Look at her at every curve, every bump, every single strand of her hair. Doesn’t she look stunning? The way her back forms an arch, like a bow. Her thin legs, her long fingers, and her golden-silky hair. Isn’t she stunning? Yes. Why? Is it her golden-silky hair? Is it her long fingers?... Continue Reading →

My dark brown eyes

I met a beautiful boy once, in my dreams. He had the blackest hair and the bluest eyes as if there was an entire ocean hidden inside them. He gave me the most lifeless look. He asked in a whisper, “Who are you? Your name is Rashmita, but who are you?” And all I could... Continue Reading →

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