There are two types of writers when something devastating occurs. Those who write and write and write. That ‘devastating occurrence’ makes them want to write and write and write. They manage to create a delicate, beautiful, vulnerable piece of work from their sorrow. The second type consists of writers who break. Their minds go blank... Continue Reading →


Incongruous murder.

    Listen to me. Listen closely. Stop. Stop pretending. Stop being someone who you aren’t. Aren’t you exhausted of being ‘her’ or ‘him’ or ‘that person’ or ‘that body-less shadow’? Be you. You. Do what you want. Eat what you want. Laugh all you want. The minute you start taking into consideration about what... Continue Reading →

The chasm in time

Dark brown hair with matching colored eyes, they looked rather dead to me. Every part of me and every cell inside of me seemed dead to me. I didn't know what day it was or what year it was. All I could comprehend was that little girl standing opposite me. That girl had messy hair-so... Continue Reading →


Happiness. The warmth, softness, sweetness. Everything nice. We all want it. Happiness We waste every second of our lives looking for it. Chasing it. Trying to get a hold of it in the palm of our hands. To taste it, feel it. But…Maybe…Maybe we are doing it wrong. Why don’t we stop searching for an... Continue Reading →


A voice to all the rape victims out there. Y'all are true heroes of strength.  She lay motionless in the dark She wanted to cry, She wanted to scream, She wanted it to end. A month had passed But it still lingered, The horrible sensation of his rough fingers against her soft skin, It felt... Continue Reading →

Shatter the facade.

I am an Indian. I’m dark-skinned and I love my skin colour. But in the past, I used to hate it. The society, who ironically are dark-skinned too made me believe I’m impure, I’m disgusting, I’m ugly and in order to be pretty, I need to be fair and pale and because of this I... Continue Reading →

Catharsis (on depression)

I am not diagnosed with depression, however, according to various sources, the depression symptoms include; not going out often, withdrawing from friends and family, constantly being unhappy or irritated, constantly thinking negative thoughts, then I do have a slight idea about what depression feels like because even if someone is not diagnosed with depression by... Continue Reading →

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